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Business Survey Questionnaire

The Daily Herald and Northern Illinois University will be conducting, in early 2016, an online survey of executive officers of Illinois businesses to collect their opinions about the state of Illinois business. Topics to be addressed include overall business challenges and opportunities, business confidence, needed business assistance, and expected future conditions. The results of this online survey will be analyzed by business sector, size, region, and other key business characteristics. An index of current economic indicators will be developed to complement the survey so that business leader perceptions and objective measures of the economy may be compared. These indicators will highlight trends impacting the business community and will include data on business sectors and workforce demographics.

We are interested in learning what specific information would be most useful to business executives. What do you think they would like to learn about the state of business in Illinois?

For each topic, please indicate the specific areas that you think should be addressed in the survey. Please click submit when finished.

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