Three common mistakes advertisers make in their print ads

Avoid these print ad mistakes

At Daily Herald Media Group, we see a lot of ads. Every day we handle hundreds of ads, and over the past, well, 140 years, we’ve picked up a thing or two about print ad design.

Did you know? If you run an ad with us, we will design it for you at no extra charge! And you can rest assured that our ad design team won’t make any of these common print ad mistakes:

1. Logo at the top

It’s tempting to lead with your logo front and center in the ad – but when potential customers see your ad, it’s not the logo that is going to draw them in, and you will lose their attention before you can even catch it in the first place. This is especially true if your company is new or reaching into a new market and your logo is not well known.

Instead, draw the viewer in with a funny phrase, an eye-catching graphic, or a question at the top of the ad. Include any additional important information, and place your logo in the bottom right hand corner. This way, you will catch their attention, draw them in to read the rest of the ad, and then lead them to seeing your logo AFTER they already know about the product or service you offer.

2. Too much information

Your product is great. It has a lot of amazing features and you want the rest of us to know all about it. We want everyone to know about it too, but don’t make the mistake of telling us everything in your print ad. Give us just enough to pique our interest, and include a web link where we can find the rest of the information. When a potential customer sees an ad crammed border to border with text, they will recognize it as a big time investment and skip right over it. Instead, give us a reason to want to know more before you overwhelm us with details.

3. Web art

There is one really big difference between artwork made to be viewed on a screen and artwork made to be printed: Quality. Even if you don’t understand the technical concepts behind it (do your eyes glaze over at the mention of DPI, RGB or CMYK?), just know that the logo or photo you copied from your website is most likely NOT going to work in your print ad. Even if it looks fine on the screen, it will likely be too small to print clearly in your ad.

Want to let us do the designing instead? No problem! We offer complimentary design service as part of each ad order. Get in touch with an account representative today!