Retargeting for your business?

What is retargeting?

Chances are, if you’ve used the internet in the past few years, you’ve been a subject of retargeting. Have you ever noticed that after you search for something online – say, a new pair of rainboots – suddenly you see advertisements for rainboots on every subsequent site you visit?

While in the past, consumers (yourself included) might have found that a bit creepy, these days it’s so common that consumers expect to see it, and it can be a really effective way to target consumers who have demonstrated an interest in what you have to offer.

Could it work for your business?

The short answer: Yes! It’s more affordable than you think and can be used to target potential customers seeking an incredible variety of products and services.

Check out the flowchart to find out if retargeting is right for your business. Want to learn more? Your account representative is ready to help.