Reflejos Readership Profile

Meet our audience

• 230,000 readers* throughout an eight-county suburban region
• $35k-$75k household income
• 78% of Latinos in Reflejos distribution area enjoy sit-down restaurants
• 95% of Latinos in Reflejos distribution area enjoy fast food restaurants
• 66% of Reflejos readers attend cultural events
• 33% of Reflejos readers attend theme parks
• 45% Reflejos readers attend professional sports events

*CVC audit reports 2.5 readers per edition

CVC audited circulation — 100% bulk delivery accuracy since 2004

Reflejos is the only bilingual publication reaching the Chicago Suburban Latino market.

Founded in 1990, Reflejos is the longest-running bilingual publication in the Chicago suburbs. By advertising with Reflejos, your business can reach the fastest-growing ethnic group in the U.S. and the Chicago Market.

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